Wednesday, 29 June 2016


This is not copyright from anywhere
I did it from my hard work so i hope everyone like my effort and i think no one have to pay for this thats why i share with you guys....

First of all extract the file and put file below in micro sd and insert in ur phone then make it ON.

on the first screen u can see the language option and accessibility now go to accessibility

accessibility>switch access>make it on>settings>key combo for overview>press volume down and click ok..
then go back to accessibility>vision>talkback>settings>privacy policy.

You can see the browser then press volume down >dual WINDOW> click to file manager install the app that you put in micro sd and open it. now you can see the settings than go to backup & reset and reset your phone DONE.

If you can't see reset option on backup & reset than go back than go to users create new user then set it up then come again to owner then go to backup & reset now u can see the reset OPTION NOW u can reset ur phone DONE....

Video Guide

bypass lg google verrificaton

Bangla Waz Mahfil & Bangla Gozol /Urdo Islamic Song

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